Buy American Reality: Poems and Stories

My sophomore collection of poetry and short fiction, American Reality: Poems and Stories, is available for purchase on Click on the URL below to purchase a copy:

Praise for American Reality:

Jared Morningstar’s sophomore collection of poems and short stories, American Reality, tears down the curtain hiding the monster-machine that is American commercialism. It illustrates the dichotomy many Americans struggle with, which is the ongoing battle between the nostalgic desire to bask in the comforts of dwindling “Small Town America” and the exciting adrenaline rush of materialistic, bustling cityscapes. Expertly, this collection weaves an impassioned social commentary disempowering the toxic masculinity, toxic patriotism, and bigotry “feeding the beast that oppresses.” With a courageous awareness, Morningstar reminds readers that there is a hope beyond the hate and that the only way we can undo this monster-machine is through “utilizing the pen, not the sword.” This collection cathartically fits the time and defibrillates us out of this “gorged” commercialized stagnancy long enough to breathe in knowing that “as long as our motors are running, we’re still alive.” – Donny Winter, author of Carbon Footprint

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