Buy American Fries: Poems and Stories

My debut collection of poetry and short fiction, American Fries: Poems and Stories, is available for purchase on Click on the URL below to purchase a copy:

Praise for American Fries:

American Fries is a comfortable trip down a well-worn road with an occasional 2020 billboard reminding you this is not your parents’ Route 66. A collection of well-intentioned characters hitch a ride in this volume of poetry and short stories, often to be surprised by an unexpected turn. “A Slice of American Pie” feels like a George Saunders story with hope mixed in with dread. The “good guy” wants the best for his family, but like the other members of his dystopian society he has lost sight of humanity. Along the journey there is an underlying hope and optimism, with a mix of sad truths, from “Confessions,’” “A Testimonial,” to “The Truth About Santa Claus” to a chat with Grandpa. Many of the poems and stories along the way offer something to believe in, a lifting up, with a little tough love thrown in (“Yo Saginaw,”), while continuing the question if it’s all just a sham, the “Next Trick” or another plate of “American Fries.” Still the familiarity of the road keeps you reading the next piece, looking for the next beautiful moment that will bring tears to your eyes because “The Light” is too bright, even for “Our Eternal Love.” This book is just the road trip needed during this summer of quarantine and social distancing. It is beautiful, poignant, and a gift from the teacher who continues to hold up the lives of tomorrow’s artists, teaching them to hope, dream, and do what they love, while they find their own paths to travel. – Mary Schrier

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